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Born in Frankfort, Kentucky and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, young Jane loved to talk to anyone who would listen…and even those who would not. Little did she know that this “love of gab” would propel her future.


Having been born in the San Bernardino Valley city of Redlands and raised in Pasadena, California, Michael always had a bent toward the arts. During high school, music began to take over for him as a drummer. However, when he went off to college pursuing an audio engineering degree, it was in his senior year that he took a video course and “Eureka!” he was on his way to becoming a cinematographer.

Paying Dues

Armed with a broadcast journalism degree from California State University, Jane embarked on her career in 1989—working at KCSB in Southern California as a general assignment reporter. When on her very first day at her very first job, Jane met her new colleague, cameraman and editor, Michael Chase. The pair covered forest fires, political news and a variety of stories together- including a drug bust that was picked up by national news outlets. Eventually, they helped start a regional news magazine program, then soon set their sites on Atlanta.

Paying Dues

Michael got his start in films the way you’re supposed to, working on low-budget movies (i.e., direct to DVD). We all know the formula, a pretty girl, a guy with gun, some cars and fire. He worked primarily as a camera assistant and film loader, but luckily, had a friend who did some stringer work for Entertainment Tonight and music videos. By the time Michael met Jane he already had three years in the business under his belt.

Fast Forward

It’s now 1995 and the married duo are soon embarking on the new genre of entertainment journalism, finding themselves doing work with the likes of CNN, Current Affair, Inside Edition, Hard Copy and Entertainment Tonight. In just a blink, Jane won a Green Eye Shade Award and was nominated for multiple Emmys, ready to start her own production company which she successfully grew with clients from Disney, Paramount and BBC to Ford, BP and IBM.

Fast Forward

Michael could have wallpapered a room with all the rejection letters he was getting once he and Jane decided to move to Atlanta. Then he got a break. CNN was launching a new show, Real News for Kids, a natural fit after all his work with music videos. Mike traveled the country for several years covering everything from State Fairs to the newest technological advancements. From there, the rest was history.

As an Emmy winning Producer & Director, Jane:

Brings over 20 years experience as a newscaster storyteller, producer and director
Defines, outlines and researches the best stories and media delivery to benefit the brand
Directs storyboarding and copywriting
Conducts research and interviews
Identifies and directs the selection process for talent, crew and shoot locations
Directs or works as a producer for a director
Works with the editor to package it all together
Plans and coordinates public relations and marketing for project promotions

As an Emmy winning Director of Photography, Michael:

Brings a wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects from inception to completion
Script analysis and writing
Applies creative & technical problem solving to get the shot no matter how challenging the situation
Industry leading expertise with a wide range of digital camera formats
Has extensive aerial shooting experience and is comfortable in the studio or on location
Is always excited to collaborate creatively and explore diverse styles and formats
Is also an accomplished editor

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