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Stories in motion, it’s what sets us apart—an innate sense of bringing great stories to life. Stories that speak to the mind and to the heart.
We bring over 30 years of diverse professional experience to documentaries, commercials, tv, corporate, public relations, product promotions and campaigns that can make a real impact on your story.
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Michael Chase is one of the most versatile Directors of Photography in the business and is known for his ability to combine the right equipment with an impeccable eye to perfectly capture a shot. Michael also has extensive experience in aerial photography and now is pioneering remote control multi-rotor low altitude cinematography that opens up many options even beyond aerials.
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Jane Cole Producer Director ChaseLight Atlanta Video Production
On any given day, Jane Cole might be producing a national broadcast event for Disney or directing interviews with some celebrity. There is a reason why she is a trusted go-to source for some of the biggest names in the business.
Jane Cole Producer ChaseLight Atlanta Video Production
jane on michael
“I love that Michael is a techno-junkie at heart and keeps current with the technical side of our business. He’ll always have the best new camera and the latest gizmo that will allow him to shoot from every imaginable angle—above, below, inside…you name it. Yet, none of that ever gets in the way of his incredible eye for capturing elements in a beautiful and interesting way. Happily, he moves mountains everyday to capture the perfect images to fully tell our stories.”
michael on jane
“Probably the one thing Jane doesn’t realize is how her clients look to her for the answers. Although she always respects the wishes of her clients, they trust her with everything. She is the one who not only brings the true creative to each project, she also brings the clarity and the organization. Everyone realizes, except Jane it seems, how rare a combination this is in our business.”
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